Endo She Trust 10 Years

Endometriosis SHE Trust (UK)

Registered Charity No:  1076843

The list of our achievements in our first ten years.

  1. Gained national charitable status (1076843) on 2 August 1999, after gaining Company Limited By Guarantee incorporation (3739863) on 24 March 1999.
  2. Established an office with training room facilities.
  3. Due to demand by our members it was unanimously agreed to change our charity name on 25 February 2004 from The SHE Trust (Simply Holistic Endometriosis) to Endometriosis SHE Trust (UK) to ensure the nature of our work is clearly stated in our name, and is recognised early on search engines.
  4. In 2004 we appointed our first Patron, Hilary Mantel, famous author and woman with endometriosis.
  5. Gained trading status on 22 October 2004 in order to pursue marketing of merchandise and products to increase our income.
  6. Written, produced and reviewed over 50 leaflets, covering all aspects of endometriosis including “Endometriosis – a detailed colour leaflet”; “Endometriosis – a detailed colour leaflet”; “Osteoporosis”; “Adenomyosis”; plus conventional (surgical and medical), complementary and nutritional treatments and  “Talking with your doctor.  Some leaflets have been translated into 3 Asian languages.
  7. Booklets have been written – “Why is my Mummy ill?” for mummy to share with her children; VICTORIA – information for Teenagers about Endometriosis” The VICTORIA leaflet won the British Medical Association award for patient information 2006, The Labyrinth – an endometriosis guide for GPs and their patients.
  8. A CD has been produced explaining the work of the Trust in conjunction with the Princes Trust Lincoln in 2007 as well as a relaxation CD produced by a Trustee.
  9. Designed and established our website <http://www.shetrust.org.uk/>www.shetrust.org.uk with an average of 10,000 hits per month.
  10. Held a local launch of the charity in Lincoln in April 2000 with Gillian Merron, MP for Lincoln officiating.
  11. Organised a national launch of the charity at the House of Commons in November 2001 with Helen Clark, MP for Peterborough hosting the event.
  12. Established the first ever Long-Term Database Study into the long-term effects of endometriosis on women’s lives.  No-one has ever looked at this crucial data.  This study entered its sixth year in the autumn of 2005.
  13. Adopted a lavender ribbon for awareness, a sprig of lavender as our logo and logo lapel badges.
  14. Produced three ‘Key’ Newsletters each year to-date.
  15. Established an office base in Lincoln, with a move in April 2003 to larger premises at a smaller rental to assist us with our future plans.  This office includes an educational room that combines a library and boardroom with seating for 20 delegates.  A second office was established in September 2002 by satellite in Peterborough.
  16. Held regular AGMs.
  17. Held three Roadshows in Lincoln, Leicester and Nottingham.
  18. Hosted Seminars/Conferences throughout the UK and held training sessions for nurses, GPs and Complementary practitioners.
  19. Carried out four free trials with members of the charity participating – a homeopathic, herbal, magnetic device and herbal product.
  20. Lo-call rate rather than national rate telephone numbers have been set-up for our members.
  21. Previously employed 5  members of staff.  Due to the withdrawal of Government support for women’s health, we are now having to run using volunteer time only.
  22. Staff and/or Trustees have represented the charity in the UK and at overseas Seminars in America, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria, Australia, France, Holland etc
  23. Established and maintained a membership with various rates offered, with a subscribing membership of 260 with over 10,000 enquiries received to-date.
  24. We have been awarded Government grants and numerous other grants and sponsorships in recognition of our work.  Unfortunately, none of these were long term – this is what we require to give us a firm base to develop ous skills and expertise.
  25. Established a Specialists Advisory Panel of 14 experts, consisting of consultant gynaecologists, pharmacist, accountant, complementary therapists, clinical nutritionists, nurses and a GP trainer, which enables people to have access further north than Watford.
  26. Submitted 3 petitions to Parliament on Endometriosis Awareness Days since 4 July 2001 to ask for greater awareness of endometriosis and improved treatments.
  27. Built links with the media.
  28. Built links with medical and complementary practitioners.
  29. We were founder members of the Endometriosis All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) working with Members of Parliament and other like minded organisations to encourage greater awareness and improved treatments for endometriosis.
  30. Offered opportunities for volunteering and employment.


Plans for our future include:

  1. Continue to work at the problem from the grass root levels.
  2. Endometriosis SHE Trust (UK) will continue to campaign and work towards the early diagnosis of endometriosis and for improved treatments and co-operation between all parties who have an interest in endometriosis.  We consider that the best way to achieve this is by:
    • Ensuring women know that painful periods are not normal
    • Ensuring women know where to go for help and which questions they need to ask.
    • Support Education for General Practitioners to recognise the early signs of endometriosis to ensure women’s fertility is preserved and their quality of life is protected.
    • (Hi-lighting the fact that endometriosis can occur at any age from the onset of the first period, to the menopause and beyond. .
  3. Continue to review and develop our website.
  4. Continue reviewing & up-dating our leaflets, including producing them in other formats.
  5. Obtain funds to pilot a study into the post-menopausal women with and without endometriosis.
  6. Secure future core funding to ensure the continuation and development of our vital work..
  7. Increase our Board of Trustees.
  8. To continue to offer endometriosis training for nurses, GPs and complementary practitioners.
  9. Increase our membership, so that females are not isolated with this debilitating disease.
  10. Continue to promote endometriosis through the media.
  11. Continue to build networks with organisations having similar interests in women’s health.
  12. Plan future Webinars and Workshops throughout the UK.
  13. Generate co-operation with corporate businesses.
  14. To get our information into all hospitals, health centres and schools.
  15. To establish specialist information points in the Centres of Excellence within NHS Trusts.


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