The 2005 All Party Parliamentary Group

The 2005 All Party Parliamentary Group Pain and Quality of Life Survey

7500 women respondents

Revealed some startling data:

Average age when period pain begins is 16.3 years

Average age at diagnosis is 27.6 years

On average it takes 9.11 years to be diagnosed

68% of the women had originally been misdiagnosed

It took an average of 5 years and 11 months before a GP referred a woman to a gynaecologist

64.5% of women said that current treatment and management of their pain was ineffective – only 15% were satisfied with their treatment

Pain from endometriosis interfered with:

Sleep 81% of the time

Working 79% of the time

Sexual Intercourse 72% of the time

4 1/2 days are lost each month on average due to the pain

15% had to give up or retire from work because of the debilitating pain

27% found that acute abdominal pain caused relationship problems

36% found that endometriosis had affected their fertility

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