Endometriosis Research Paper Quotes

Endometriosis Research Paper Quotes:

The gold standard diagnosis remains the laparoscopic visualization of lesions preferably with histologic confirmation (in the absence of histological sampling, the false positive rate with laparoscopic visualization alone may approach 50% (Wykjes et al, 2004, BJOG, quoted by Schweppe).

Postmenopausal endometriosis is uncommon (prevalence 2.2%); after diagnosis of endometriosis, 96.9% of women become free from pain after menopause (Hanan al Kadri et al, 2010).

NSAIDs cause LUF syndrome (Lutenising unruptured follicle) and that the British National Formulary states that “NSAIDs use is associated with reduced female fertility which is reversible on stopping treatment”. p478 .

Koninckx PR, DeMoor P, Brosens IA. Diagnosis of the lutenized unruptured follicle syndrome by steroid hormone assays on peritoneal fluid. Br J Obstet Gynaecol, 87:929-34 1980.

The presence of endometriosis also reduces the chance of success of assisted reproductive treatment

(Barnhart 2002),

as does adenomyosis (Piver 2003).

Even after expert removal of endometriosis, there may be a recurrence rate of both symptoms and endometriotic lesions that varies from 10-55% within 12 months

(Vercellini, Hum Reprod Update 2009)

Highly specialised surgical expertise is required by surgeons who undertake  surgery on Deep-Infliltrating Endometriosis and it should be undertaken only within centres of expertise.  Similarly colorectal excision is suggested to be beneficial in observational studies

(Ferrero 2009; Stepniewska 2009),

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