Complementary Alternative Medicine

Complementary therapies or Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) can work independently or alongside conventional treatments for endometriosis. There are over one hundred different types of natural treatment and natural remedy available, from acupuncture to zen, and we’ve outlined some of the most common for endo below, with links to help you find qualified practitioners in your area. Always consult with a qualified practitioner, do not try more than two to three CAM’s at one time and do give them time to work. It is important to know that depending on the type of treatment, symptoms may get worse before improvements are noticed as the body heals.

Finding a Qualified Practitioner

The British Register of Complementary Practitioners holds a register of practitioners who have proved their competence to practise by either completing an approved course or through an assessment made by the registration panel. They also agree to abide by a code of ethics and practice and have full practitioner insurance. The Institute for Complementary Medicine website has a

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